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Sound Healing Bath


Come join us for a deep relaxation session covered in the multi-harmonic waves of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Experience the powerful entrainment of the velvet tones as your brain drops into a theta wave meditative state.


A sonic wave journey sound healing bath is like an induced savasana. The power of deep rest is the absolute highest medicine. Turn off your thoughts as you tap into your own inner acoustic field.




  • Help to alleviate symptoms of insomnia, stress, and anxiety

  • Promotes an overall sense of wellbeing

  • Balance digestives

  • Enhance creativity

Please bring your own yoga mat and blankets/pillows/eye pillows; dress comfortably as your body temperature may drop during your session, and you may become cold.

Price: $45

Duration: 60 minutes

Days/hours: Check out our events page for current group sessions. Private 1:1 sessions are by appointment only.

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